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The faculty of Agriculture at Kamphaeng Saen is Thailand leading institute for agricultural science and technology. The campus is located 80 kilometers west of Bangkok and 30 kilometers from downtown Nakhon Pathom province and it is well situated for all kind of agriculture with fertile soils and ample irrigation supply from Meklong River. The faculty has provided teaching, research, and public service in agriculture since November, 1979 as an extended unit of the Faculty of Agriculture in the main campus. With increasing number of students, faculty and staff and expanded study programs, the extending faculty was announced to be the Faculty of Agriculture at Kamphaeng Saen by Kasetsart University Council on March 18, 2003. At present, there are 305 full time faculty members, 139 of lecturers, 166 of researchers, technicians, and supporting staff, approximately 2,000 undergraduate students and more than 300 graduate students of which approximately 1-2 percent are international students.
Financial aid
Faculty of Agriculture at Kamphaeng Saen has a strong commitment to assist students seeking for financial aid. Types of aid available include scholarships for undergraduate students awarded by the Student Development Fund and by external organizations, research or teaching assistantships for graduate students, and loans.
Living on and off Campus
University dormitories are available on campus at affordable rate. Privately own dormitories and apartments, renting on a semester basis, are also available in the campus area.
 International Collaboration
The Faculty's partnerships extend beyond the Thailand border to countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. The Faculty has a longstanding relationship with organizations such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operation, The Excellence Center of Agricultural Biotechnology, The Postgraduate Education and Research Project in Postharvest Technology, the Association of Universities and Colleges in Thailand and ASEAN, and worldwide in EU, Australia and USA. The International Affairs conduct Exchange program for students, staffs and researches and provide teaching assistance at agricultural institutions in ASEAN countries. Academic staffs and students from these institutions often receive advanced agricultural training in the Faculty.
First semester…………June – October
Second semester…… November – March
Summer semester … April – May
Faculty of Agriculture at Kamphaeng Saen
Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus Nakhon Pathom, 73140,THAILAND